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Webbox Cats Delight Lick-e-Lix

Made with a soft yoghurt-like texture, Webbox Lick-e-Lix are a deliciously unique treat for your cat. Made with Chicken or Salmon and enriched with Zinc or Omega these tasty and nutritious sachets make the perfect daily treat that your cat will simply adore!

Webbox Cats Delight Tasty Sticks

Made from 90% meat, Webbox Tasty Sticks are gently cooked to produce a delicious moist, meaty treat your cat will love. Available in Beef & Rabbit, Chicken & Liver, Salmon & Trout and Turkey & Lamb varieties.

Webbox Cats Delight Tasty Tid Bits

Made with 25% fresh meat or fish, Webbox Tasty Tid Bits are a delicious biscuit treat with added beneficial ingredients. Available in 3 varieties; Immune Boost, Digestion and Skin & Coat.

Webbox Cats Delight MiniMix

A variety box of 16 Mini Cats Delight Tasty Sticks gives your cat a choice of delicious meaty treats; the pack contains, Salami, Malt, Cheese and Liver flavours.

Webbox Cats Delight Complete Cat Food

From the makers of your cat’s favourite treat range comes a new complete cat food. Made with 25% fresh meat or fish and enriched with specially chosen ingredients to aid digestive health, urinary tract health, skin and coat condition and containing natural antioxidants, this is a perfectly balanced food.

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